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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Managed Support

Microsoft 365 is a Modern Workplace solution that gives you integrated access to Outlook, Word, Excel, OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and more.
With an underlying focus on the cloud, Microsoft 365 has redefined what it means to do business. Most notably, products such as OneDrive and SharePoint have paved the way for a modern approach to file sharing.

Reimagined with small and medium sized businesses in mind, Microsoft 365 increases mobility, improves productivity, and encourages collaboration within your team.
  • Teams
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint

Microsoft Teams is one of the most important components of Microsoft 365. Available anywhere, it has revolutionized communication with its shift away from email towards instant messaging and virtual meetings. Teams is completely integrated with every Microsoft Office application. Your business can share ideas and collaborate on documents in real time, all while being in separate locations.

OneDrive is an online file storage platform meant for individual users. In essence, it replaces the traditional local “Documents” folder on your PC.

SharePoint is a collection of collaborative business solutions, aimed at strengthening the data management capabilities of the modern workplace. Think of SharePoint as a central location for your team to share information.

The New Microsoft Outlook

Email is an essential component to the daily operation of any business. Enjoy all the premium benefits and advanced features of Outlook when you transition to Microsoft 365.

Migrate Your Email to the Cloud

Take advantage of infinate storage retension and gain access to company resources from any device.

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Advanced Security Features

Threat Protection

Included with Microsoft 365 is a suite of automated security solutions that help secure your email, data, applications, and devices against emerging cyberthreats. Protect your company against external threats such as phishing attacks and malicious emails and prevent sensitive information such as social security numbers and credit card information from leaving your organization.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Prevent threat actors from gaining unauthorized access to your apps and data, even if they know your password. Setting up multi-factor authentication is an effective way to ramp up the security of your business.

Email & File Encryption

Ensure that your information is protected against unauthorized access. With Microsoft 365, both data at rest, such as the files stored on OneDrive and SharePoint, and data in transit, such as emails sent and received through Outlook, are encrypted by default.

Mobilize your workforce with Microsoft 365.