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Cybersecurity Offers Peace of Mind

In the current IT landscape, a traditional anti-virus and firewall can no longer provide the level of security that is necessary to protect your business from malicious threat actors. Our biggest focus is protecting the data and information of our clients. We accomplish this by implementing a layered approach to security that follows the guidelines and best practices outlined by industry experts and cybersecurity researchers.
Small and medium sized businesses are the biggest target for threat actors, but are the least protected against a potential security incident. With that in mind, Arrowhead Technologies offers a cybersecurity solution that we believe is the best approach to fighting threats.
At the core of our mission statement is the promise to always remain transparent. With that being said, we want our clients to understand the magnitude of risks they face by turning a blind eye to the very real threat of a data breach.
We take cybersecurity seriously, and we believe that you should too.

of small businesses close their doors within 6 months of being hacked.

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Why is it Important?

It’s no secret that we live in an interconnected world of ones and zeros. Modern technological advances have changed how we communicate. From a business perspective, reliance on technology is essential in order to remain competitive.
While constantly evolving technology is generally perceived as a positive development, there are people that will try and use this tech to be malicious. Over the last year alone, businesses around the world saw a two-third increase in ransomware and phishing attacks. Simply put, an investment towards protecting your information has never been more important.
Implementing proper cyber security systems and procedures can help your business save money, support growth, improve compliance, and minimize downtime. Most importantly, a well-organized security stack offers you peace of mind.
of SMB's report malware has evaded their antivirus
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16% of SMB's are confident in their cyber security readiness
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43% of cyber attacks are targeted at SMB's
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of SMB's are unprepared to deal with a cyber attack
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Our Cybersecurity Stack

Our approach to security starts with the understanding that your business is unique. There is no one size fits all solution to protecting your data, which is why we develop a comprehensive cybersecurity framework that reflects the makeup of your network.

We implement a multi-layered approach to security, like some of the ones listed below. They are designed to defend your systems against attacks using several different complimenting methods. In the event that one fails, others will stop the threat.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Endpoint devices such as desktops and laptops are entryways to a network and remain highly targeted by malicious threat actors. In an ever-changing environment, it is important that your devices are well protected. Traditional antivirus is dependent on human interaction and knowledge of current exploits. At Arrowhead Technologies, we install an integrated endpoint security solution that combines real-time continuous monitoring with artificial intelligence and machine learning. This system operates with unmatched precision, preventing virtually all existing and never-before-seen malware.

firewall is

Perimeter Security

A firewall is the gatekeeper of your network, standing between you and the open internet. We will work with your team to create an effective firewall strategy that is configured to your organization’s unique needs. Block unwanted content from ever entering your network, while defining access controls to the applications you use most. Our firewall solution is equipped with a high-performance, next generation intrusion prevention system that stops the latest hacks and attacks before they enter your network. Protect your data and take control of your environment.

Email Protection

Business email compromise and advanced phishing attacks are the number ONE cause of cybersecurity related financial loss. A breach can be devastating for you AND your clients. Our email protection uses a unique machine learning algorithm that analyzes each aspect of an email. Additionally, historical emails are used to determine prior trust relations between the sender and receiver, increasing the likelihood of identifying user impersonation or fraudulent messages. Protect your inbox from unwanted spam, ransomware, account takeover, and supply chain attacks.

protect against phishing attempts that aim to steal your identity

Threat Hunting

To ensure our promise of providing your business with an in-depth security solution, we partner with a 24/7 manned security operations center with highly trained cyber security analysts. This service fills a critical gap in your security stack, by providing you with a team of expert security professionals. They investigate potential threats, analyze the tactics of hackers, create incident reports, and help remediate cyber threats. All in real time, even when you're fast asleep.

we manage and monitor all of your systems, even when you are not in the office

Web Filtering

With our content filtering solution, you can protect your entire organization from unsafe websites. Artificial intelligence is used to block malicious websites, popups, and unwanted advertisements. Geofencing is used to prevent access to harmful websites from locations known to engage in cyber-attacks. Additionally, this service can assist in limiting excessive use of social media and other personal websites.

Even More Services We Implement

access controls make sure that only people with a need to know have access to files.

Policy & Access Control

Administrative action is an essential component of developing a layered security posture. Based upon the technical concept of least privilege, Arrowhead Technologies can help your business organize and define user privileges to company resources. Ensure access to all of those that need it, while seamlessly turning away unauthorized parties.

2FA is used to protect your accounts from unwanted access

Multi-Factor Authentication

Requiring additional confirmation before gaining access to your accounts is a simple and highly effective way to maximize security and prevent identity theft. After entering your password, a pin is sent to your mobile phone, ensuring that only you are allowed to login.

encryption for all of your files in transit and at rest

Data Encryption

Ensure that your information is protected against unauthorized access. We guarantee that all your files and emails will be encrypted, whether they are stored locally, in the cloud, or in transit.

effective user onboarding for your growing business

User Awareness & Training

Knowledge can be the best protection against cyber threats. Arrowhead Technologies will work with your team to provide educational experiences that empower them with the ability to remain safe while online. Our training solutions are easy, fun, and more importantly meet requirements for cyber insurance discounts or industry compliance.

defend your network with a proper firewall

Industry Compliance

Third party regulation and compliance regulations can be a complex maze of security standards and requirements, while also levying substantial fines for violations. We develop a unique security package for your business that will meet industry standards and mitigate risk, including help with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NIST, CIS, GDPR, FERPA and more.

We use Keeper password manager to help the secure your online accounts.

Password Management

Utilizing a secure password manager is a forward-thinking strategy for establishing a complex password requirement policy while also making it easier to use than remembering passwords or typing them in every time. Get rid of repetitive passwords, store credentials and payment methods in protected vault, and enable automatic logins for employee accounts.

Is your network secure? Let's find out.