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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Redundant and secure. Guaranteed peace of mind.
Data is one of your company’s most valuable assets, hence the importance of ensuring the constant availability of data and files. Your daily operations can be severely impacted by hardware failure, natural disaster, or ransomware.

When you partner with Arrowhead Technologies, we will design a backup and disaster recovery plan for your business that minimizes downtime and protects you from the devastating aftereffects of data loss.
You have insurance on your office, vehicles, equipment, and more. But do you have insurance on your data?
backup your files and servers both in the cloud and locally. prepare for disasters such as a flood or power outage.

A Glance at Our Solutions

Personalized For Your Business

At Arrowhead Technologies, we craft unique business continuity solutions that fit your company’s needs. We will work with you to identify critical pieces of IT infrastructure and organize a restoration plan in preparation for disaster or hardware failure. Our proactive approach goes the extra mile so that your business will remain productive, save money, and minimize downtime.

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Companies bankrupt after data loss lasting 10 days
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Businesses that recover in less than an hour
Average down days after a ransomware attack
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Reported downtime from hardware failure

A Next Generation Approach to Server Continuity

Is your business reliant on a specific system, database, or web server? In the event of disaster, losing access to critical infrastructure can halt an entire operation. Waiting days or weeks for a technician to replace hardware and recover information can cost thousands of dollars. Being stunned by ransomware without having an exit plan can permanently damage the entirety of a business. Our approach to ensuring the availability of critical infrastructure is based on a hybrid-cloud model that enables your business with enterprise level features at a fraction of the cost.

Keep your business up and running.