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Physical Infrastructure

Physical Infrastructure

Hardware and Cabling are the foundation upon which your business is built
All of the physical technology used by your team needs to work, so they can work. From desktops, laptops, and servers, to firewalls, WiFi, and surveillance systems - every component of your IT system needs to be monitored, maintained, and managed to ensure that your business operations can continue without interruption.
Network upgrades are included for all new clients. We proactively maintain and monitor all servers, endpoints, printers, and network appliances. With 24/7 system monitoring and alerts, your networks are in good hands with Arrowhead Technologies.

Professionally Connect Your Workspace

Structured Cabling

From organizing and maintaining an existing network closet, to expanding an office, or even moving to a new location, we can take care of your cabling needs. Clean and organized network cabling is essential for professional appeal. Having labeled ports, jacks, and cables make it simple to identify equipment and troubleshoot a potential issue.

proper network installation for your growing business. ethernet and fiber installations

Surveillance Systems

Protect, monitor, and secure your business with a high-performance IP camera system. We can help you plan, install, and configure a reliable surveillance system for your business. The physical deterrence of security cameras can help to prevent theft, while giving you a set of eyes into your business when no one is watching.

Access Control

Control who comes into your building or into rooms within the building. Wired and Wireless systems notify central alarm companies, trigger police response after hours or simply restrict employees from accessing areas they shouldn't be in.

Power, Temp and Flood Monitoring

Protect your investments, overhead and your building with power outage, temperature or flood monitoring. Get app alerts, emails, instant text messages or phone calls when something happens so you can react quickly.

Organize your infrastructure now.